We are flexible in the range of products we offer in terms of recipes and packaging.

Our products are offered in vacuum sealed and foiled blocks of 1.5, 2.5 and 5 kgs, (easy melt) buttons, (bakestable) drops, buckets/pails and drums. 

We supply: 

  • Chocolates with cocoa butter, lauric and/or non lauric fats
  • Chocolates in different colours and flavours
  • Bake-stable chocolate, chocolates with high heat resistance. These products are especially developed for dough preparations and baking. Bake-stable products come in drops and pastes and can be hazelnut flavoured.
  • Sugar free products
  • Organic chocolates



Type of industry Chocolate coatings (Bakestable) 
drops and buttons
Chocolate fillings Chocolate dippings
Confectionary for moulding, hollow figures, bonbons, pralines and panning pieces of nuts and fruit easy melt buttons for the same applications for making 
bonbons or melded shells in various flavours like hazelnut, yoghurt, etc.
for coating and panning of fruit pieces, nuts, etc. for blending the
for coating purposes 10x 2.5 kg blocks
5x5 kg blocks
10 kg cartons
Bakery   inclusions, such as chocolate chip cookies and cakes For injecting a chocolate or nut based filling.
Before and/or after baking
for enrobing of cookies, for blending and 
flavouring of doughs, creams, mousses
for coating and filling purposes 10x 2.5 kg blocks
5x5 kg blocks
10 kg cartons
Ice-Cream   for inclusions for crispy, yet resistant coating on the ice stick with a short drying time. For spraying cones to keep crunchiness, for layers in ice-cream cakes for inclusions, coating and filing purposes   10 kg buckets
Breakfast Cereals   for inclusions   10 kg cartons
Dairy Cocoa and chocolate powder for chocolate drinks and creams. Packing in 25 kg bags.



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