Fillings, fruitfilling, chocolate filling

Mevo Holland is representing one of the leading compagnies in fruitfillings.
This Dutch company covers the whole programe in fruitfillings (60-70-80-90%) , fuitcaps, jam and fruit sauce.

Their newest innovation is FRUITEASE. In the changing world quatity, taste and health are in this top segment 
the selling points.
- No sugar addit
- Original fruit structure preserved
- Long time to use due to low AW (<0,55)
- Freeze stable, Bake stable, Allergene free and GMO-free.
- No E-numbers, color, taste and smell additives are used. 

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 Hazelnut and special fillings                        

 Classic fillings

- Chocolate flavoured fillings , coulor light < - > dark
                                         taste  milk  < - > cocoa

- White fillings with special fats that extend shelf live.
   A wide range of products with a low fineness, from soft to firm with different
   fat percentage.

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