Cocoa powder
Cocoa powder from the best of the best Cocoa powder from Ans




Mevo Holland is since August 2011 distributor for cocoa powder from GERKENS.

Gerkens® Cacao is part of Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate, which offers the food industry a wide range of standard and customized cocoa and chocolate ingredients all over the world

For enquiries, possibilities and other questions concerning delivery into Hong Kong from Amsterdam, feel free to contact us by email. 

 Mevo Holland is supporting the foundation "Help Ghana Girls"

Ans has personal contact with Gina and a heart to help the girls in Ghana by supporting this foundation.

Help Ghana Girls is lead by two Ghanese women, one in The Netherlands and one in Ghana. The goal is to help young women in earning their own income by creating work and giving them education (how to make clothes).
Many of the young women between 14-18 year go after primary school to towns to look for work which is not there. The end for many is prostitution and than they are afraid to return to their homes because they feel ashamed and stay in that awfull situation.

You may get involved with direct and by buying through Mevo Holland you are indirect supporting them




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