Tailormade chocolate products for ;

  bakery, confectionery, dairy, ice-cream and catering industry

  M-Holland chocolate is the private brand of Mevo Holland.
    Food decorations, dragree's , sugar strands and
      new product
"healthy ouwel snippers"          

  Fillings , Chocolate, White, Hazelnut, specials and Fruitfillings.

  Fruitease is the newest way to get 100% fruit backe stable in your product.
  This concentration of fruit has no water in it.
  It is very taste full and healty.

  We can also supply 40/50/60/70/80% fruit fillings in several fruits.



    Cocoa powder , Mevo Holland works with the best Dutch
   and European qualities.



  Wholesalers, importers and agents.

  Exhibitions, fairs
 and personal visits.

  Private label, M-Holland label or no label marking.


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