Mr. Gerard Woerdenbag will visit the Bakery Exhibition on 23 May in Guanghzou.

2018 the twenty-second China Baking Exhibition


SIAL Food Exhibition 2016 in Shanghai;

Mr. Gerard Woerdenbag and Mrs. Ans Peterink from Mevo Holland will be on Booth no. W2A 053

We will join the booth with Mr. Leo Tse from J.P. Inglis Company Limited who imports
our Eagle Brand.

together with the distrubitor for the Shanghai Area ; Benestraight Enterprise,  åˆ©è¿æ¥ä¼ä¸šæœ‰é™å…¬å¸

- Chocolate tasting with chocalate  fountain.
- Chocolate cookies
- Working with chocolate and presentation in cooking seminars.


2016, February  Chinese New Year

Mevo Holland visited the reception of the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce in The Hague (Netherlands)

For more information see ;!/record-aantal-buitenlandse-ondernemingen-opent-kantoor-in-hong-kong-in-2015

2015, May 12-15, Bakery 2015

Mr. Gerard Woerdenbag will visit the exhibition.

2015, May 6-9,  Hofex

 Miss Ans Petrink will visit the exhibition and if you would like an appointment, please let us know by email


News March 2104

Exhibition    : Bakery Fair , Guangzou, China
Period         : 9 - 11 March 2014
Booth          : T4T20 with special attention for Four Seas Eagle Brand
Company     : Hengh Chao International



News February 2013

Chocolate artistic "Gaudi" eggs.

Using skills, nature and chocolate.
See how he makes them and klick on the picture below.



Interesting items January 2013

Compound chocolate is also suitable for special and 3D-printers.

Klick on the picture above to see it is working.

News November 2012

Today's bakery, the professional Hong Kong magazine for the bakery industry.


Leo Tse has visited Mevo Holland, the Dutch specialist in cocoa, chocolate and
compound chocolate for the Far East. Read here the article

News August 2012


Mevo Holland can supply through her factories in Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands  UTZ certified chocolate.


Cocoa powder from Ans can also be supplied as UTZ certified cocoa powder.



News July 2012

Mevo Holland can supply the best Belgium chocolate from our factory in Belgium.
This can be combined with the special fillings from our factory in The Netherlands.

This combination can give special bon-bons ;
- Dark & Coffee
- White & Hazelnut
- Milk & Pomegranate
- Milk & Hazelnut
- Milk & Caramel
- Dark & Yoghurt

NEWS Januari 2012

Mevo Holland is stopped sharing her "Cocoa Market Report" with all kinds of marketing, strategic and
product information about chocolate, compound, couverture and cocoa powder on the website.

Instead, we want to share this only with our partners.

If you are interested in our "Cocoa Market Report" and you are an importer or industrial user in the
South East Asian Market, feel free to sent us an email and we will list you up.




is proud to be the Dutch distributor for the Hong Kong area of the Dutch brand


Gerkens® Cacao is part of Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate, which offers the food industry a wide range of standard and customized cocoa and chocolate ingredients all over the world.


 Feel free to ask the posibillities there are for cocoa powder for your company.



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