About us
MEVO HOLLAND was founded in 1960 in the little place of Wormer at the river ’de Zaan’, just north of Amsterdam. This was and still is a worldwide center for processing, production and trade of cocoa and chocolate products.


While formerly active as a trader in raw materials, nowadays MEVO HOLLAND specializes in semi finished products, mainly chocolate based, for bakery, confectionery, ice-cream and catering industries.

We focus on export to clients in the Far-East markets with products from various factories in Europe. Nowadays the office of Mevo Holland is situated on 130Km from the one of the biggest cocoa harbourbours in the world; Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Since we moved to Boekelo we are more close to our main factory.

We offer
We offer a complete range of compound and couverture chocolates suitable for the bakery, confectionery, dairy, ice-cream and catering industry. Our specialism is to develop recipes on customer requirements. Our experience with Far East and Middle East markets guarantees products suitable for the specific market circumstances and preferences.

Our philosophy
The European chocolate industry is known for its longstanding experience and quality. Within Europe, the Netherlands is one of the leading cocoa and chocolate processing / producing countries. In Europe there still is a substantial number of medium sized factories, often producing specialty products of high quality, mostly focusing on their home markets with little export outside of Europe.

MEVO HOLLAND helps these companies to unlock their export potential to the Far East. Our factories trust us to develop their export to the eastern markets because of our contacts and knowledge of these markets. For our clients we provide professional export services, from advise on product qualities, to tailored sampling, ordering and impeccable document and shipping handling.

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